Eco Friendly Materials in the Dog Toys We Sell

Eco Friendly Materials in the Dog Toys We Sell

In our blog, Crickets, Brew Grains & Sustainable Treats, we shared some of the unique ingredients that pet treat manufacturers are using to create sustainable pet treats. In this post we are excited to share some of the eco-friendly materials that are used to make the pet toys that we send in our monthly subscription boxes for dogs and through our online retail store.

West Paw Zogoflex ®

West Paw Design is a forward-thinking pet product company located in Bozeman, Montana. All of their eco-friendly dog toys are made in Montana and are BPA and phthalate-free, non-toxic, and FDA compliant. West Paw has created innovative materials like Zogoflex ®, which is a rubber-like material that they use for their fetch and treat toys. The Qwizl Treat Toy and the Tizzi Dog Toy are both fun puzzle toys where you can hide treats to give your dog a mental workout. Not only is Zogoflex ® safely made, it is also recyclable, so dog owners can send used and mangled toys back to West Paw, where they will be sterilized and recycled into new toys.

See what we have from West Paw

Himalayan Nettle Plant

We love our Loom Whale for so many reasons. One of these is that this toy is made from hand-woven nettle fiber fabric and dyed with all-natural products like tea, iron, copper, persimmon, and pomegranate. The Loom Whales are stuffed with the fiber of the Himalayan Nettle Plant, which is sustainable plant that grows in the Himalayan Mountains and has been used for clothing and other items for over 1,000 years.

According to Himalayan Wild Fibers, “Wild-growing, giant Himalayan stinging nettle is a perfectly sustainable rhizome, with shoots annually reaching over three meters in height. Harvesting the vertical stalks clears out one year’s growth, making room for new leafy and healthy shoots in the next year to better absorb CO2.  It also promotes root growth for soil stabilization in landslide prone mountains.” We love being able to offer a toy that is good for your pets, and a region of the earth where people depend on it as part of their daily lives.

Felted Wool

Felted wool is one of the oldest textiles on record. It is made from the wool of animals like sheep, goats, and llamas. These animals need to be sheared once or twice a year, depending on their breed, making wool a sustainable option. In fact, failing to shear a sheep will lead to the sheep’s discomfort and the potential for overheating in warm months. Since wool is an all-natural fiber, it breaks down naturally without releasing harmful chemicals or plastic fibers into the environment.

In terms of its carbon footprint, according to, “After hemp, wool consumes less energy and has a smaller carbon footprint than other textile fibers. This is partly because sheep can be raised on non-arable lands and rough terrains.”

Felty toys are made with all-natural dyeing agents. They are made using a process called wet felting, in which the wool is agitated in water until the desired shape is achieved. This results in durable dog toys like the Felty Bone and the Felty Ring that are perfect for playing fetch with your dog.

Getting the Most Out of Your Dog Toys

No matter what materials your dog’s toys are made from, it is important to remember that most toys are not chew toys. Very few substances can withstand a dog’s powerful jaws beyond puppyhood. Most toys on the market, and in the Pure Earth Pet’s store, are designed for mental stimulation (searching for hidden treats), fetching, or snuggling. You can keep your dog’s interest in their toys longer by putting them away and rotating through their collection so that they do not get bored playing with the same toys day after day.


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