Environmentally Friendly Dog Gear For Your Next Outdoor Adventure

Environmentally Friendly Dog Gear For Your Next Outdoor Adventure

If you’re a hiker or outdoor adventurer, you probably already know that having the right gear is an essential part of a safe and successful excursion into the great outdoors. You might even have go-to equipment that you grab for your outings with Mother Nature. But does your dog have the right gear, too?

Dog’s can be a great hiking, kayaking, or snowsport companion –and making sure they are as prepared for your outdoor adventure as you will help make your outing an enjoyable experience for both you and your pup. To help you prepare, we’ve gathered together our favorite environmentally-friendly dog gear for your next outdoor adventure. 

Travel Dog Bowl & Bottles

When you take your pup hiking or camping, bringing enough water for both of you to stay hydrated on your excursion is a must. Reusable travel water bottles are great to carry in your pack. But having a travel dog bowl helps your dog to stay hydrated on those long (or hot) hikes where water sources are scarce or inaccessible.

Here are our favorite travel dog bowls that are eco-friendly, lightweight, and durable!

Little Pine Pet’s Lightweight Trail Bowl (Upcycled Gore-Tex) ™

This dog bowl is made from up-cycled water-resistant Gore-Tex. While this product is made from repurposed materials (hooray!), the company does note that “water-resistant Gore-Tex holds water long enough for a quick drink but is not completely waterproof once the material is fully soaked.”

Kurgo Collaps-a-Bowl

This award-winning reusable, BPA-Free bowl is collapsible, lightweight, and super travel-friendly, making it a great option to take on your next outdoor adventure. 

Gulpy Pet Water Dispenser - BPA Free

This BPA-free water dispenser is perfect for outdoor excursions with your pup. With an easy-open top and squeeze release, this water dispenser is ideal for those on-the-go hikes or cycle rides with your pup because you don’t need a bowl to use it.

Dog Collars, Harnesses & Leashes

It always helps to be prepared when adventuring with your dog in the great outdoors. Many state parks and national parks (at least those that allow dogs) might not allow retractable leashes. You also want to think about the length of your leash since long leashes can often get tangled in bushes or tree limbs. We recommend bringing leashes under six feet of length for optimal hiking. 

Most national parks and forests require dogs to be kept on a leash at all times. If any signs say “dogs must be leashed, " you should always follow the law as there is usually a good reason for this request. Below are our favorite leashes, harnesses, and collars that are perfect for your outdoor dog.

The Good Dog Hemp Harness

The Good Company handcrafts their products from North Carolina, but they make their products using 55% Hemp and 45% certified organic cotton.

Hemp is an excellent material to use in various products as it’s one of the strongest natural fibers available on the market. Hemp is naturally antibacterial, antimicrobial, and hypoallergenic, which “means it is a good choice for dogs with skin challenges since it resists mold and mildew.” 

Little Pine’s Upcycled Climbing Leash

Little Pine has a handmade, upcycled climbing leash line that repurposes used climbing rope. It’s super cute and extremely durable. Obviously, we love a good upcycled product, too. 

Wilderdog Climbing Rope Waterproof Collar

Like Little Pine, Wilderdog has a range of collars made from rock climbing rope. While we can’t pinpoint if they are upcycling used climbing ropes or making them from new materials, we can guarantee their products will be durable and perfect for your adventure outing. One thing we do love about Wilderdog is their commitment to rescue and adoption of dogs. Wilderdog “donates a pound of dog food to a shelter for every purchase made online.” Each month they choose a different rescue or shelter to receive the donation. How sweet is that?

Outdoor Dog Bed

RUMPL Travel Dog Bed

RUMPL makes all its products with 100% post-consumer recycled polyester shell and insulation. Most of their products are for humans, but they have a fantastic travel dog bed specifically created for those outdoor excursions with your pup! Bonus points for using recycled fabric. 

Dog Waste Bags

Just because you’re out in nature doesn’t mean you should leave your dog’s waste lying around! Dog poop contains lots of harmful bacteria which can negatively impact the environment. Not to mention, you can be subject to fines for not picking up your pup’s waste. So don’t forget to pack those eco-friendly doggy waste bags for your next adventure!

Earth Rated Compostable Poop Bags

This brand is one of our favorites for poop scooping.

We also have a dedicated blog post on the truth about dog waste bags + which one is best for the planet if you're interested.

Dog Snacks & Treats

Just like you, your dog probably needs a little fuel to keep going. No matter what length of hike you and your dog go on, you’ll both be wanting a snack during your excursion in the outdoors. At least our dog, Dover, does! High-energy snacks are recommended, so you don’t have a tired pup on your outdoor journey. 

Jerky treats are an easy hiking snack for your pup. Their light, they don’t spoil quickly, and they give your pooch a nice little protein boost so they can finish adventures on a high note. Here are some of our favorite jerky treats:

Another great adventure treat for dogs is fruit snacks with higher sugar levels which are great before, during, and after a trek outside. Some of our favorite fruity snacks include:

Secondhand Outdoor Dog Gear

Not every type of gear has sustainable or eco-friendly options. For example, Ruffwear is a great outdoor brand for dogs, but we struggled to find products made specifically with eco-friendly materials or with environmental impact in mind. 

However, if you ever come across this brand in secondhand stores or resell shops online (#reuse), we recommend snapping them up! Ruffwear specializes in outdoor dog gear and their products are very high-quality –even if they aren’t using recycled or repurposed materials. Here are some great products that are perfect for your outdoor adventure pup.

Hopefully, this list will help you get started so you have the right outdoor dog gear for your next big adventure, wherever that may be! Have questions or recommend some environmentally friendly dog gear that we missed? Comment below!

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