Healthy & Sustainable Dog Treat Recipe Roundup (Fall Edition)

Healthy & Sustainable Dog Treat Recipe Roundup (Fall Edition)

Who doesn’t love the fall season? We know we do! Fall (or Autumn) provides a festive atmosphere filled with Fall foliage, crips evening walks, and cozying up with your pup next to a roaring fire. Did we mention the festive fall flavors like pumpkin spice, apple cider, maple, and cinnamon that make this season extra special? 

With all of the deliciously festive flavors associated with the Fall season, we thought, why not let our furry best friends in on the goodies with a healthy and delicious dog treat recipe roundup (Fall Edition)!

Over the years, we’ve found that most dogs love homemade dog treats and so do dog owners who want a say in what ingredients their dogs consume! Many dog treats on the market are filled with crazy chemicals, filler ingredients, byproducts, and other harmful ingredients that have no nutritional benefit for your dog!

That’s why making your own healthy and sustainable dog treats allow you to control the ingredients your pup eats while putting a smile on their face (and a treat in their belly). The recipes we’ve included are simple and easy to make but oh-so-delicious for your furry best friend. Did we mention they’re chosen for their fall-inspired flavor?

Note: Not interested in making your own? No worries. Below each fall-flavored recipe, we’ve also listed eco-friendly dog treats that are festive, delicious, healthy, sustainable, AND –once purchased –are ready to eat! No DIY baking involved.


Arguably, maple is an all-year-round flavor (hellooo, maple drizzled on pancakes and waffles), but fall is the prime maple season for you and your pup! When you use maple in your dog treat recipes, ALWAYS use 100% pure maple syrup. “Maple-flavored” syrups that imitate maple syrup often contain xylitol which is toxic for dogs. 

Real maple syrup contains manganese, zinc, and vitamin B2, all contributing to a range of health benefits for your dog! 

DIY Maple Flavored Dog Treat Recipe:

Pre-Made Pumpkin Flavored Dog Treats:


Of course, pumpkin was going to make the list! And for good reasons, too. Pumpkin is packed with vitamins (A and C) and minerals (potassium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, and folate) which are very beneficial for your dog’s health. It’s also high in fiber which can help your dog’s digestion (both for constipation and diarrhea). 

We could go on and on with the health benefits, but let’s get cut right to the chase –most dogs LOVE that yummy pumpkin flavor. So you can bet these pumpkin dog treats will be a hit for your pup!

DIY Pumpkin Flavored Dog Treat Recipe:

Not sure what to do with your excess pumpkin? We’ve got the perfect blog post with tips to sustainably dispose of your pumpkin after Halloween! 

Pre-Made Pumpkin Flavored Dog Treats:


Who doesn’t love cinnamon? Not only is cinnamon an anti-inflammorty (even for dogs!), it’s loaded with tons of beneficial antioxidants. It’s also a great addition to any recipe, but the dog treats recipes we’ve included below use cinnamon as the star ingredient. And we don’t think your pup will complain one bit!

DIY Cinnamon Flavored Dog Treat Recipe:

Pre-Made Pumpkin Flavored Dog Treats:


Apples are an incredible source of vitamins and minerals, are full of fiber, and are low-calorie for our doggies on a diet. Chewing an apple can also aid in your dog’s dental hygiene! Like with all foods, feed apples to your pup in moderation and decore and deseed the apple for serving!

DIY Apple Flavored Dog Treat Recipe::

Pre-Made Pumpkin Flavored Dog Treats:


Ginger is a great flavor to have on hand for your entire household –including your pup! Ginger is an incredible digestive aid and can help if your dog is experiencing nausea, bloating, flatulence, arthritis, cancer, and heartworm! Dogs Naturally Magazine has a great article about ginger for dogs if you want to learn more about the benefits and the dosage. 

DIY Ginger Flavored Dog Treat Recipe:

Pre-Made Pumpkin Flavored Dog Treats:

Sweet Potato

Sweet potato is another all-year-round flavor, but something about the fall season somehow makes them extra tasty, right? Needless to say, almost every dog we’ve come across will never say no to sweet potatoes! Luckily, sweet potatoes are pretty nutritious for your pup, HOWEVER, after some research, we’ve learned that you shouldn’t actually give your pup too much of it! 

Yes, sweet potatoes are a great source of fiber and rich in vitamins and minerals –but they are a starchy carbohydrate, which means that they turn into sugar once consumed. What does this mean for your dog? These starchy carbs can feed harmful bacteria and yeast in your dog’s gut, leading to a yeast problem. It’s not always the case with every dog, but it is a possibility to beware of! 

Additionally, because starch turns into sugar, sweet potatoes can also affect your dog’s blood sugar levels. Dogs Naturally Magazine has an article that goes more in-depth on the pros and cons of sweet potatoes for dogs. We aren’t saying one bite of sweet potatoes will cause yeast and high blood sugar. We are saying, feed your dog sweet potatoes in moderation!

DIY Sweet Potato Flavored Dog Treat Recipe:

Pre-Made Sweet Potato Flavored Dog Treats:

Hopefully, one, or two, or all 12 of these recipes sound delicious for your pup. If you try them out, let us know how they turned out in the comments! 

If you’re looking for Thanksgiving-specific dog food recipes, we’ve got a blog post right here!

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