Introducing the Pure Earth Pet’s BarkCuterie Board Box

Introducing the Pure Earth Pet’s BarkCuterie Board Box

Charcuterie boards are having a moment. An exceptionally long and delicious moment if I am being honest. During the Covid-19 pandemic, charcuterie boards may have downsized from kitchen island sized spreads at parties to smaller boards for couples quarantining together, but they show no sign of decreasing in popularity. While some of the foods on the human version of the charcuterie board are safe for dogs, like cheeses and berries, most of them are not that great for our canine besties. Because of that, we have launched our newest Pure Earth Pets Specialty Box: The BarkCuterie Board Box. 

Charcuterie Boards: A Delicious Trend 

The word charcuterie is French and literally means cooked flesh. I can say that a cooked flesh board doesn’t have the same ring to it, which is why we still embrace the French name today. While the original charcuterie boards were a way for butchers to use up all of the parts of an animal, today we have swapped out organ meats for high-end cold cuts, and added cheeses, crackers, nuts, fruit, jams, and mustards. 

Charcuterie boards have been a huge trend in the last several years. My fellow Millennials have helped by posting photos and videos throughout social media. It’s fun to see the creativity involved in the boards, from very traditional charcuterie boards to dessert versions with no “cooked flesh” at all, and even silly options including a McDonald’s version that we could not help but laugh about. It consisted of burgers, chicken nuggets, fries and containers of dipping sauce. 

Snacking seems to be a trend all on its own, especially 18 months into a global pandemic. So, it’s no wonder that the charcuterie board has gone from a party pleaser for a crowd to something you can enjoy on your own, or with your significant other or family.  And by family, we include the canine family members. Because what dog parent can resist giving their furry best friends a little bit of their snacks? Especially when that snack involves large amounts of cheese? 

What is in the BarkCuterie Board Box

A lot of the items on the human version of a charcuterie board are not good for dogs. Salty meats and crackers are not good in large quantities, and grapes are certainly off-limits. Most cheeses are safe, and fruits like strawberries, blueberries, and apples. However, from a behavioral aspect, it’s not the best idea to get your dog accustomed to receiving snacks off your own serving platter or plate, which is why we loved the idea of the BarkCuterie Board Box! 

Each Pure Earth Pets BarkCuterie Board Box comes with a selection of crunchy treats that you can use on your board instead of crackers. You also get your choice of a Happy Birthday or Happy Gotcha Day Large bone shaped treat. You will also receive a list of pet-safe foods that you can add to your dog’s board. 

Some ideas that we love include unseasoned baked or boiled chicken, unseasoned steak strips, or a turkey burger. Of course, your dog will love it if you include some basic cheeses, like American or Cheddar. A spoonful of peanut butter will also make your pup happy. 

There are plenty of fruits that you can include, like watermelon, bananas, apple slices, strawberries, blueberries, kiwis, or fresh pineapple. You can add vegetables including carrots, cucumbers, green beans, celery, and spinach leaves. In fact, you can add so much fresh, bright, vibrant produce that you might find yourself sneaking bites off the dog’s board! It’s ok, they’ve been begging for bites of yours for all of these years, right? 

Creative Ideas for Your BarkCuterie Board

When preparing the foods for your dog’s BarkCuterie board, you can be as creative as when preparing the human variety. A quick internet search reveals some adorable bone and paw shaped bamboo cutting boards and serving dishes. We also found some great dog-themed cookie cutters that you can use to cut shapes out of your cheese and larger pieces of fruit, like apple slices and chunks of watermelon. If you do not have cookie cutters, you can easily cut strawberries into heart shapes, or use a veggie peeler and trim off part of a cucumber to shape it like a heart before slicing. 

You can purchase your Pure Earth Pet BarkCuterie Board Box on our website at this link:  Once you have assembled your pup’s board, we would love to see it and your dog’s reaction.  Share your photos and videos on Facebook at  or tag us on Instagram with @pureearthpets. 

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