What's In Your Box: July 2021

Pure Earth Pets is Celebrating 2 years in business and we are BLESSED by all of our favorite PEP Pack Pups!! This month, we have something super exciting coming your way... BRUNCH SO HARD!!
Every Pup (and human) loves a good Sunday brunch, pancakes, wine spritzers, celebrating with friends - and if you're lucky, your brunch turns into a night curled up by the fire. 
This month, you are in for a treat!! Literally! Starting off with your toy of the month, Cycle Dog's Wine Toy! Your pup is getting a recycled toy shaped like a wine bottle, for their fav brunch cocktail! Next up, Jiminy's Blueberry and Peanut Butter cricket treats for the perfect toppers to your pancakes or waffles! The main event, for the first time in our box... Craft Canine Treats new flavor, Brunch So Hard - packed with bacon, maple syrup and blueberries! 
Now we all know its best to end the day with a campfire, but lets make some s'mores with Bocce's Bakery!! 
 Lastly, get dressed for brunch in your new eco friendly reversible scarves from Maxine Avenue NYC! Get 15% off their shop now with code Pureearth15 

We are so excited to have brunch with you this month!! Make sure to tag us on Instagram @pureearthpets to share your photos!! 


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