What's In Your Box: May 2021

It's Gonna Be MAY! Bring on the May Flowers!

We are always beyond excited when the sunshine and warm weather comes out! In fact, Dover loves both the extreme hot and cold! He will lay out in the sun and the snow without a care in the world! What else makes May special?

It is World Turtle Day! At PEP, we are constantly working to save our planet, and that means save our oceans as well. Turtles are a huge topic when talking about the affect trash has on our oceans - this month, we want to bring light to them and help save the turtles!

In your box this month you will find your Clean Earth Turtle Toy (made from recycled water bottles) as a symbol we are working to save the turtles. Also find our fav Chippin Snacks, a biodegradable felty ball, Bocces Red Velvet Treats and Sweet Potato Chips!!! Like always, this month is JAM packed with treats and toys! 


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