What's In Your Box: September 2020

We are going back to school! We know that this year's schooling may look a little different for us, but one thing we know, is that our pups are ready to learn (and spend some more time with their humans)!
We have everything your pup needs to succeed in the classroom this year!
First, get a good breakfast with Jiminy's Cricket Crave Food. Carrot Medallions are the perfect snack to pack for class. Enjoy your PB and Banana (without the crust) with West Paw's new Creamy Treat and Quizl toy! Need a first day outfit for school? Included in your box is a bow made from sustainable materials from Hudson Houndstooth to make you the best dressed dog for those school pictures! Don't forget about an after school snack with your Bocce's Mint Cookie Crunch!
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Included In This Month:
Carrot Medallions
Hudson Houndstooth Bows
West Paw Quizl Toy
West Paw PB & Banana Creamy Treat
Bocces Mint Chip
Jiminy's Cricut Dog Food




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