Why We Love Toy Poodles!

Why We Love Toy Poodles!

The Poodle originated in Germany and is the official dog of France. The breed has been subjected to incorrect and unfair stereotypes that they are skittish, prissy, or lacking intelligence. These are all false and unfair misrepresentations of this versatile breed.  In fact, the Poodle is intelligent, friendly, and eager to please their owners no matter which size of Poodle you welcome into your life. 

There are three sizes of Poodles: Standard, Miniature, and Toy, and any of those sizes can have a solid black, white, or apricot colored coat. The Toy Poodle is an American variation of the breed. According to the American Kennel Club breed information, “The Toy was first bred in America, in the early 20th century, as a city-dwelling companion dog.”  In this blog post, we will share information on why exercise and a healthy lifestyle are so important for this diminutive breed. 

Meet Lady, a Toy Poodle from Northern Illinois 

 At 15 years old, Lady is a sweet, loving Momma’s dog who her family adopted as an adult dog. “She’s very even tempered, and she loves our son. She is very cuddly, and very sweet,” her owner Sarah told us. “She was very protective of our son when he was a baby, now that he’s older and very active, she’s happy snuggling with me or in her favorite spot. She’s a very chill dog.” 

However, with Roman, a four-month-old American Bulldog puppy in her home, Lady still loves to play and is not afraid to show the puppy who is boss and loves to run right under him. “Lady is very feisty, she will stand up to Roman and put him in line,” mom Sarah told us. “She is 7 pounds, and he’s 40, but she is fierce!” 

Lady and Roman love to play the popular game of dog siblings everywhere in which they steal each other's bones and trade back and forth. “She is a fraction of his size and she’s not afraid to stand up to him,” according to Sarah. “She’s this fluffy little Poodle and he’s this big bulldog, and he’s afraid of her.” 

Exercise and Mental Stimulation for Toy Poodles

Toy Poodles require exercise and mental stimulation to live a happy life just like their larger relatives. According to the American Kennel Club website, their energy level is about in the middle between Couch Potato and Needs Lots of Exercise, a bit closer to the needs exercise side. Many Toy Poodles love to swim just like their larger Standard Poodle relatives who were bred to retrieve ducks. 

Because the Toy Poodle stands at no more than 10 inches at their shoulders, their stride is shorter than larger dogs. When planning walks, consider duration rather than distance, and remember to always watch for signs that your dog is growing tired or overheated. Excessive panting, falling behind, confusion, limping, or laying down during a walk are all signs that your dog has exceeded his/her limitations. The good news with a toy breed is that there are a variety of carrying slings or backpacks for small dogs. You can use one to carry your Poodle if he/she becomes tired and you want to continue your walk or hike. 

For mental stimulation, we love the Wo Ball, which you can stuff with food or treats, and your dog can work his/her brain to try to get the treats out. The CycleDog Duraplush FuzzBall is a lightweight, fleece ball that your small dog can fetch in the house or out in the yard. 

The Importance of a Healthy Lifestyle for Toy Poodles

According to the American Kennel Club website, “Most Toy Poodles live long, happy, healthy lives thanks to the efforts of dedicated, responsible breeders who routinely test all breeding stock.” However, like most dog breeds, they are prone to common health issues that can affect their skin, eyes, knees, liver, thyroid, and gastrointestinal tracts. 

Although not a cure or a way to prevent any disease, providing a high-quality diet that consists of clean, good quality ingredients is going to be beneficial to any dog’s overall physical condition. Maintaining a healthy weight is beneficial for joints, so that if your dog does develop a genetic issue, carrying excess weight does not make it worse. That is one of the reasons we are committed to only offering dog treats that are made using safe, clean, sustainable ingredients made by responsible, eco-friendly brands.

 We particularly love the Chippin and Jiminy’s treats because of the health benefits of crickets. Crickets act as a prebiotic and are an excellent source of Omega-3 acids and Vitamin B12. Another great option is the Halle Pups Bakery Organic Cranberry, Pumpkin and Quinoa Dog Biscuits. These treats are full of vitamins and super foods that are good for your dog’s overall health. 

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