Enjoy movie night with your furry BFF! yakyCHARMS are a deligtful cheesy snack your dog will love! These bite sized treats are a light, fluffy, microwavable cheese puff which comes in a popcorn style bag (without the corn) and is fun to make! yakyCHARMS are made with one single ingredient - Himalayan cheese. It is 100% natural and lactose, gluten and grain free.


Put yakyCHARMS in the microwave up to a minute and a half; time will vary depending on your microwave. You'll know they're done puffing when there is a light cheese aroma and the bag is slightly inflated.


Let cool and enjoy! 

yakyCHARMS Dog Popcorn

SKU: 853012004302
  • Cheese (skim milk, citrus juice, salt enzymes)


    Calorie Content (calculated) 73

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