Top 5 Best Subscription Box For Dogs - Pure Earth Pets

Pure Earth Pets Claims the number 2 spot on Hello Subscriptions Best Subscription Box for Dogs 2021 list! 

We are so proud and excited to announce that Hello Subscription has released their list for Best Subscription Box For Dogs! 

From their website: 

Dogs are definitely part of the family who also deserve our love and care. Taking care of these furry family members is easier with the help of these dog subscription boxes. They contain everything and anything dogs and dog owners need, from treats, toys, to care products and even accessories. You can also customize the boxes depending on your dog’s size, so you’ll know that what you get is just the right product for them!

To know which dog subscriptions are doing a great job in catering to the needs of our furry friends, we asked our readers to vote for the best dog subscription boxes for 2021. 

Pure Earth Pets took the number 2 spot behind BarkBox.

"To be recognized on this list as the only sustainable company among large companies on this list shows me that we are heading in the right direction for our pets and the planet." Says Founder of Pure Earth Pets, Leanne Pinard Baum. "We are constantly striving to provide education on sustainable options as well as showcase small businesses looking to make a difference in the lives of our pets. That is something we will never stop and we are so grateful and appreciative for the support of our subscribers and followers."

Last year, Pure Earth Pets won the 2020 Best Monthly Gift Service award from the Pet Innovation Awards 

 To start your Pure Earth Pets Subscription, Click Here and make the switch to sustainable toys and natural treats today!

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