Charity of the Month

Pure Earth Pets prides itself on being a helpful place for humans and animals alike. We surround ourselves with many different like-minded companies that want to help see change in the world. Part of that mission is helping those dogs whose voices cannot always be heard. Rescues and non-profits across this country need our help as much as anything else. We as a company that hopes to inspire change, want to help get those voices heard. Pure Earth Pets has had the ability to work with some super amazing rescues and organizations across the United States; from rescues to companies working with veterans to organizations focused on a healthier planet. Change only comes when we reach out and hold out our hands to help others. So please, take a minute, and fill out our form. Tell us who is important to you, so we can do what we can to help. Pure Earth Pets has been able to help donate money from the sales of our products to the following organizations:
January 2022 - Muddy Paws Rescue 
December 2021 - Special Pals Rescue Resource Center
November 2021 - 
October 2021 - Northeast Animal Rescue
September 2021 - Take Paws Animal Shelter
August 2021 - Animal Medical Center
July 2021 - Best Friends Animal Society
June 2021 - Marine Mammal Center
May 2021 - Turtle Mountain Animal Rescue
April 2021 - The Green Ark
March 2021 - HRZ Giant Schnauzer Rescue
February 2021 - Fetch WI Rescue
January 2021 - Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF)
December 2020 - Wise Animal Rescue
November 2020 - ASPCA
October 2020 - ASPCA
September 2020 - Private School Pups
August 2020 - PAWS of Hawaii
July 2020 - Good Sense Dogs
June 2020- Ray’s Hope Rescue
May 2020- German Shepherd Rescue of New Jersey
April 2020- One Tree Planted
March 2020- Indyhumane
February 2020- NJ Strays
January 2020- Austin Pets Alive
December 2019- Humane Society of Eastern Carolina
November 2019- Eleventh Hour Rescue