Eco-Friendly Adventures To Do Outdoor With Your Dog This Summer

Eco-Friendly Adventures To Do Outdoor With Your Dog This Summer 

Summer is in full swing (at least in the Northern Hemisphere), so it’s time to get you and your pup ready for all the outdoor adventures this season has to offer. What better way to do that than with eco-friendly outdoor adventures that make you, your dog, and the planet happy?

We all know our pups make everything more enjoyable. So why not combine the joy of the outdoors to create a truly memorable adventure for you and your dog while also having a positive impact on the environment? Sounds like a great idea to us!

Don’t Forget The Treats!

Whether you use treats as an incentive for good behavior or you just like to pamper your dog (no judgment) while out and about in the outdoors, don’t forget to bring along some of our favorite eco-friendly and sustainably sourced dog treats! They will keep your dog’s energy levels up and make them extra happy on your next outdoor adventure.

Below you’ll find a few of our favorite eco-friendly adventures to do outdoors with your dog this summer –plus our favorite dog treats to bring along!

Take Your Pup For A Hike

Let’s get the most obvious one out of the way – take your pup hiking this summer! Instead of the usual stroll around the neighborhood, check out some local hikes in your area (or beyond). Hiking is a great way to get out excess dog energy and stimulation. Plus, it’s a great exercise for you and your pup. 

Make sure you research whether dogs are allowed on the trails and whether or not they are allowed off leash. Some state parks and wilderness areas have restrictions for a good reason (often to do with the environment, fauna, and wildlife area you are going to). If you want to know more about this, we wrote an entire blog post on how to eco-consciously hike with your pup!

Eco-friendly tip: Be mindful of gas usage while driving to your hike. Ask a friend or family member if they want to come along and carpool!

Best Dog Treat For Hiking

  • Himalayan Pet Supply Barkeetos: High in protein, low in fat, made with real lactose-free cheese, and for dogs only making this a great treat to take with you on a hike!

Take Your Pup Paddleboarding

Paddleboarding is becoming an increasingly popular water sport for both humans and dogs! And for good reasons. It’s fun and accessible to most, regardless of your (and your dog’s) fitness level.

If your pup can’t handle the longer hikes or runs, has mobility issues, or is just a bit more on the lazy side (again, no judgment), paddleboarding could be a great option! 

SUP adventures can be a much easier and more accessible outdoor activity for you and your pup –just don’t forget to pack a doggy life jacket! Bonus points for a life jacket with a handle so you can easily pull your dog back on the board after a swim (or a tumble) into the water.

Best Dog Treat For Paddleboarding

  • Chippin Silver Caro Jerky: By fishing for silver carp, an overpopulated fish, this treat helps to restore biodiversity to US waterways and protect the Great Lakes. Each bag of goodies saves over 300 gallons of water. A great treat to pay homage to the body of water you’re paddling on.

Try Out Doggy-Camping 

A lot of family summer activities include camping under the stars. Why not find a dog-friendly camping area and bring your pup along? We already know our pups are great outdoor companions, but they can also alert you to wildlife and provide you with some extra body heat inside the tent when the temperatures drop at night!

Just remember that your dog can potentially harm your camping environment. Be mindful of the wildlife and the impact on the vegetation that dogs can have while sniffing around. We also recommend leaving no mess behind (yep, including your dog’s).

If you want to know more about how to safely (and eco-consciously) camp with your pup, we wrote an entire blog post on that exact topic!

Pro Tip: If you’re planning on heading far out into the backcountry with your dog, make sure they have the proper vaccinations, a medical kit, and enough water and food for you both. 

Best Dog Treat For Camping

Go For A Beach Day

Look, sometimes those physical outdoor adventures just aren’t calling your name. And that’s okay. Try a beach day instead! If you live near the ocean, find a dog-friendly beach using Bring Fido, grab your umbrella, drink cooler, and a frisbee for your pup –and set up for an “easy adventure.”

Make sure the sand isn’t too hot for your pup’s feet! Or be sure to put on dog booties before you go!

Best Dog Treat For A Beach Day

Join A Dog-Friendly Running Race

Love running as much as your pup? A handful of races (trail and road) allow dogs to run alongside their humans. Even the aid stations provide water and snacks for you and your furry friend! Spring and Summer are busier racing seasons, so be sure to Ecosia a dog-friendly race near you!

Best Dog Treat For A Race

  • Chippen Spirulina Dailies: As a vegan form of protein, spirulina works to support bone and joint health, making it an excellent snack for your running pup!

Other Outdoor Adventure Options

This is by no means an exhaustive list a there is plenty more to do outdoors with your dog this summer, depending on your abilities and equipment. We aren’t suggesting that you go out and buy new gear here, but if you have a paddleboard in your garage –grab that bad boy and take your pup for a paddle!

If you have the gear and your dog has the stamina to keep up or is confident in the water, other great outdoor dog adventures include kayaking, canoeing, mountain biking, or fishing.  

If you need some eco-friendly dog gear recs for your next outdoor adventure, we’ve got a great blog post on that right here!

Hopefully, you’ve come away with an idea or two to try this summer with your pup so you can make memories in the outdoors that will last a lifetime!

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