Good Sense Dogs - July 2020 Charity of the Month!

This month, Good Sense Dogs was nominated and selected as our Charity of the Month for July! We are so excited to be partnered with them and help spread their mission as well.

Good Sense Dogs, based out of Sacramento, CA, provides outreach and assistance to most under-served and at risk populations of Sacramento pet owners to care for their furry best friends in the best way possible. Good Sense Dogs also helps provide education and resources to those who have not been afforded the best knowledge and practices for animal care and handling.


There are 4 amazing programs that are offered:


  • Their education programAhead with Tails, gives communities that are often otherwise without pet care knowledge or resources the tools they need to be capable pet owners and, potentially, with vocational skills to help them in the future.
  • Their rescueSensitive Souls, gives critical and terminally ill homeless pet owners an option for permanency for their beloved pets, so they may receive the care they need.  We are partnered with Joshua’s House of Sacramento to receive and care for the animals of their clients.  
  • Their therapy dog program trains, certifies and connects teams to facilities in the Sacramento area looking to have dog visits for their clients and residents.
  • Their outreach program assists the most vulnerable pet owning populations of Sacramento with pet food, equipment, resources and training advice.


Good Sense dogs was chosen based off not only their love and appreciation of animals, but also their outreach to help improve the lives of their owners, and provide them with the resources necessary to help their furry friends. Good Sense Dogs mission to improve the lives of people and pets alike, really stood out to us at Pure Earth Pets.


We will be contributing a contribution on behalf of all of our sales for the month of July in the hopes of helping out this amazing organization in any way that we can. We stand by their mission!


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