What's In Your Box: November 2020

Its November! What are you thankful for?


This month we are thankful for YOU! Each month we package and send out orders to our customers it brightens our hearts and we are filled with such gratitude! We strive to help small businesses by getting their names out there and you help us do that every day!

To start, your pup is getting 2 toys this month, our felty ring - one of Dover's favorites!

Felty is made by a process called wet felting where the wool is agitated in water until the desired shape is achieved. Felty toys are made from 100% wool, with no rubber core like tennis balls. Felty is hand made with all natural dyes and is chemical free and our favorite, Felty is bio-degradable!

In addition, your pup is also getting the cutest little starfish toy made from recycled water bottles! Clean Earth plush toys are made from 100% Recycled plastic water bottles, including the fabric, stuffing, binding and thread. Each toy redirects waste from up to 9 plastic water bottles from ending up in oceans, waterways and landfills. 

The treats your pup will love are West Paw's Duck Treats, Halle Pup Bakery Cranberry Treats and a sample of our favorite Pup Sup, supplements from Dig Labs! 

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What's Included In your box:

Petal Pops Bacon
Halle Pups Cranberry Treats
Himalayan Felty Ring
West Paw Freeze Dried Duck Treats
Clean Earth Starfish Toy
Caramel Apple design Potato Treat
Dig Labs Pup Sup Sample

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